Dry hair

Moisture is a problem that many naturals find difficult to deal with. Dry hair for many is normal and is not indicative that your normal regimen is somehow lacking. It is not unusual to need to moisturise hair before styling it or to find it getting progressively drier if let alone without products or water for several days.

The idea that you can eliminate dry hair is actually not true for the vast majority of naturals. Some hair will respond to regular conditioning or indeed to using leave in products but for many, dry hair is a regular issue to address.

For this second group it is more important to not stick rigidly to one routine or one product. Sometimes hair requires one or more of the following

-more intensive conditioning every so often to increase softness and repair damage
-a good spritz of water followed by an oil
-layering of leave in products
-a simple mist of water without adding oil
-a change in products e.g using/eliminating humectants, changing leave-ins

The idea of being flexible with what you do to your hair and the products you use is not a sign of a struggle but rather an understanding that your hair needs something different depending on its condition or on how the weather is behaving (more/less humidity).

Often not being flexible can lead to problems with moisture, for example, sticking to the idea of applying a water based product or water before applying a sealing product such as an oil or butter is in general a good idea to increase moisture. However for some naturals, repeating this routine too often actually leads to drier hair as the oil layer builds up on their hair making it more difficult for the water to perform its function. Switching the frequency to once every 2-3 days or once a week and simply adding water in between can actually work better. For others switching from a light oil to a heavier oil can also help.

Dry hair in my view should not be looked at as a problem but rather as a property of some natural hair. In other words, finding your hair dry should not frustrate you. It should just prompt you to try different methods and routines so that you can achieve longer spells of moisture (ideally getting to a point where you do not require additional moisture anywhere from 2 days to 1 week between washings).



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