Weaves-Taking care of hair underneath

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Taking care of hair underneath


-Lightly moisturize(watery base) and oil hair and scalp 2-3 times a week. apply with a spray bottle or nozzle.


-Detangling thoroughly before your wash your hair and after you rinse out your conditioner. Gently use fingers and combs


-Wash with a quality shampoo that is dilute with warm water to the scalp. Add solution to bottle with nozzle. Separate the hair into sections and gently massage scalp. Rinse thoroughly using

Conditioning (protein-adds strength)(moisturizing-adds moisture)

-Determine what kind of condition your hair needs first. Condition with a quality conditioner that is dilute with warm water and apply to the hair.  Add solution to a bottle that has a nozzle. Hair should already be separated into sections. Leave on hair for 20-30min with plastic cap then rinse thoroughly


-Pat your hair dry and let it air dry or sit under hooded dryer. Do not sleep with wet hair underneath.


-Wear 6-8weeks. Take at least 2 weeks or more in between installments. During this rest time you will wash and condition your hair getting it ready for the next weave.


-Have your stylist remove the install after 6-8 weeks or have patient friend help.














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Using essential oils can stimulate hair growth, decrease dryness of the scalp, lesson split

ends and  add shine to the hair.


Common essentials oils for the hair and their hair benefits.

BASIL: Stimulates hair growth

BIRCH: Sooths dry Scalp

CARROT SEED OIL: Stimulates hair growth and can lessen and repair split ends

CHAMOMILE: Cools the scalp and can combat hair loss

EUCALYPTUS: Helps with dry scalp and promotes hair growth

FRANKINCENSE: Strengthens hair

LAVENDER: Calms and soothes the scalp

LEMON: Dry scalp treatment, lice, and dandruff.Excellent for curly textured hair, which tends to be dry

MYRRH: Use to cleanse the scalp

PATCHOULI: Used for dandruff and to help oily hair

PEPPERMINT: Stimulates hair growth and provides extra nourishment to the hair

ROSE: Aids in hair growth and gives hair extra shine

ROSEMARY: Soothes itchy scalp

SAGE: Purifies the scalp and gets rid of excessive dirt from hair

TEA TREE: Decrease scalp dryness

YLANG YLANG: Great for oil hair



“A carrier oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels or the nuts”.Essential oils need to be diluted using a carrier oil. Unlike essential oils, which do not last a long time, carrier oils have more shelf life. Carrier oils are pressed, which releases their fatty portions.

List of a few carrier oils

APRICOT OIL:  Adds luster and shine to hair, excellent lubrication to seal in moisture

AVOCADO: Nourishes hair and promotes hair growth

CASTOR OIL: Growth Treatment

CAMELLIA: Restores moisture and adds sheen

COCONUT OIL: Lubricates hair for sealed moisture

EVENING PRIMROSE: Aids in hair loss

JOJOBA OIL: Lubricates hair to seal in moisture, adds sheen and shine

MACADAMIA: Lubricates hair to seal in moisture, adds sheen and shine

OLIVE OIL: Lubricates hair to seal in moisture, adds sheen and shine

VITAMIN E: Lubricates hair to seal in moisture, adds sheen and shine